Thursday, July 26, 2012

How To Make A Nice Lamp From Simple Cheap Items

How To Make A Nice Lamp From Simple Cheap Items Video Clips. Duration : 15.27 Mins.

This is a step-by-step video on how to make a pretty lamp, using simple, cheap items. The items you will need to do this project are .... a glass bottle, shoe polish, masking tape, egg shells, all-purpose glue, mod podge sealer, twine, a drill, a masonry drill bit, plumber's putty, a soft cloth, and a lamp fixture set.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


PLUMBERS PUTTY Video Clips. Duration : 1.17 Mins.

VISIT OUR WEBSITE! OR OUR PLUMBING FORUM! NORTHERN KENTUCKY PLUMBERS The video shows firsthand how plumbers putty can break down over a short period of time and causes leaks at connecions that need to stay waterproof. Putty can also cause problems with synthetic marble or granite, plastic or composite whereby the ILO basis of plumbers putty can slowly leach into the sink's surface and causes issues with staining or material breakdown. Often, plumbers will recommend a "new" type of plumbers putty that is not damaging to the above type of sinks. Too often with both products, the material hardens over a short time and does not perform the function that the product should provide, at least as long as the disposal/strainer or any other type ofinstallation is involved. For some areas across the nation and the globe, plumbers putty is a code requirement. Proper amounts of putty when used is crucial, most times issues arise from using too much putty which can cause leaks over time. We welcome any questions or opinions on this video, we are sure that people will argue the benefits of putty as it is a hotly debated topic on plumbing forums across the internet. Dunbar Plumbing for a number of years used plumbers putty but the reasonable choice these days for reliability is silicone sealant. A product that aging along quite well and is resistant to water simply by it's chemical makeup. Contact Dunbar Plumbing @ 859-359-4833 to schedule ...

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